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PlanSwift construction estimating takeoff software calculates everything you need to get an estimate together, labor, square footages, perimeters, volumes of simple or complex areas, beams, rebar, studs, gallons of paint, concrete, insulation, gravel and length of copper wire (or anything in between).

With PlanSwift you will be able to start your takeoff as soon as you hear about the job. No more waiting for prints or plots from the Architect or Engineers. You are finished in a fraction of the time it used to take and your accuracy will improve using Planswift.

What if the cost of materials or labor rates change? No problem, update a field in the software and reprint the report.

How is this possible? With Planswift takeoff software, construction estimating software you start by downloading the electronic blueprints directly from the planroom or practically any other digital plan right into the software. Then you immediately begin your calculations by pointing and clicking! No digitizer needed (you can still use one with our software if you wish).

* We also import almost any other file type: Excel, CAD file, a Plan file, a PDF, a JPG, etc.

Shop by Price

  • $0.00 - $350.00
  • $350.00 - $500.00
  • $500.00 - $650.00
  • $650.00 - $800.00
  • $800.00 - $950.00
  • PlanSwift 9

    PlanSwift is a powerful and fully customizable software program that provides contractors and estimators with the fastest and easiest way to accurately complete construction takeoffs. With PlanSwift's visual point-and-click...

  • Planswift 9.5 updates and support

    Purchasing PlanSwift you own a copy of the software.  Updates and Support - Yearly Plan - *RecommendedAdds $ 200.00 The Updates and Support includes upgrades to the software for as long as you...