Epson Limited Warranty

1. Limited Warranty for Epson Products

Epson products are covered by warranty against defects in workmanship and materials when operated under normal use and handling conditions, as indicated in the product documentation, for the period specified in section "Limited Warranty Coverage". Coverage begins as of the date of delivery to the purchaser by Epson or by an authorized Epson dealer (see Epson Subsidiaries and Offices in Latin America below), in the country of purchase.

Epson also guarantees that the consumables (ink cartridges, toner, batteries) included with the product, will perform according to the usage specifications as long as they are used prior to the expiration of their warranty period.

2. Scope of Warranty

Should Epson receive notice of a defect during the warranty period, it may, at its discretion, repair or replace the defective product at no cost to the purchaser. In the event of a replacement, the replaced equipment will become property of Epson. The replaced item may be new or previously repaired to the Epson standard of quality, and will assume the remaining warranty period of the product that was originally purchased.

This warranty does not include any compensation or damages whatsoever, resulting from the operating failures of the Epson product. In any event, Epson's maximum liability toward the purchaser will be limited to the purchase price paid to Epson or to the authorized dealer.

Epson's warranty does not cover any software not manufactured by Epson, even when delivered with an Epson product. The software may have a warranty provided by the manufacturer, as indicated in the documentation attached thereto.

3. Limitations and Exclusions

The warranty will be invalid in the following cases:

3.1 When the product's serial number has been removed or altered.

3.2 When the product has been misused, has undergone unauthorized modifications, has been used or stored in ways that are not in compliance with the environmental specifications of the product.

3.3 When the damage resulted from the use of refilled supplies or consumables, or when damages are the result of use of media that does not meet the product's specifications.

3.4 When damages resulted from the inappropriate transport of the equipment (packaging, installation, maintenance, transportation).

3.5 When damages were caused by natural or intentional disasters (fire, floods, lightning, earthquakes, etc.), power surges, or interaction with other brand products.

3.6 When the product has been totally or partially disassembled, or has been repaired other than by an Epson Authorized Service Center.

3.7 When substances have been spilled on the product.

3.8 When the external plastic case has been scratched or abused.

3.9 When damages resulted from inappropriate tests, installation, maintenance or adjustments.

The warranty does not extend to accessories (lids, covers, trays) or replenishing supplies and consumables (ink cartridges, toner, ink ribbons, batteries, photosensitive units, knobs, print heads, lamps), which, due to their nature, must be regularly purchased through authorized dealers.

4. How to Obtain Warranty Service

Please refer to the user documentation to ensure that the product settings have been properly set and to perform the diagnostic tests indicated therein. Furthermore, in order for the unit to operate optimally, always use original Epson supplies and consumables.

To obtain warranty service, the purchaser may take the product to any Authorized Epson Service Center, along with proof of purchase, or call any of the Epson Technical Assistance Centers (see Service Centers below).

Upon calling an Authorized Epson Service Center, the purchaser will be asked to provide the product model and serial numbers, and may be asked to provide information on the location and the date of purchase (the warranty is only valid in the country of purchase).

If there are no Authorized Service Centers in your area, call the Technical Assistance Center for service referral.

5. Responsibilities of Purchaser

The purchaser is responsible for the safety of all confidential and proprietary information stored on the product, as well as for recovery backup files in case of damage. Any activity related with the re-installation or resetting of the software that was delivered with the equipment, will be billed to the purchaser at the rates in effect at the Epson Service Center. This also applies if the failure was the result of a defect in the purchaser's proprietary software or of a computer "virus".

In order to obtain on-site service, the purchaser will be required to provide: access to the product; an appropriate working area; access to electrical facilities; access to the resources that may be necessary for the installation, repair or maintenance of the unit; a safety environment for Epson staff and their work tools.

6. Limited Warranty Coverage

Projector PowerLite Two years Service Center Lamp is an accessory

Technical Support Service

Epson offers technical assistance through electronic and telephone services. Before calling Epson, refer to the documentation included with your product. If you do not find the solution to your problem, visit Epson's website at: or call the local Epson office or an authorized dealer.

Service Centers

Argentina (54 11) 5167-0300


Bolivia* 800-100-116
Chile (56 2) 2484-3400
Colombia Bogota: (57 1) 523-5000

Other cities: 018000-915235

Costa Rica 800-377-6627
Dominican Republic* 1-888-760-0068
Ecuador* 1-800-000-044
El Salvador* 800-6570
Guatemala* 1-800-835-0358
Honduras** 800-0122

Code: 8320

Mexico Mexico City: (52 55) 1323-2052

Other cities: 01-800-087-1080

Nicaragua* 00-1-800-226-0368
Panama* 00-800-052-1376
Paraguay 009-800-521-0019
Peru Lima: (51 1) 418-0210

Other cities: 0800-10126

Uruguay 00040-5210067
Venezuela (58 212) 240-1111

* Contact your local phone company to call this toll free number from a mobile phone.

** Dial first 7 digits, wait for a message, then enter code.

If your country does not appear on the preceding list, please contact the dealer where you purchased the product.

You may receive help or consult information online for all Epson products. Register your Epson equipment on our website, at

Extended Warranty Support and Service

In some countries, Epson offers warranty extension services. You may purchase this service by calling the Technical Service Center.

Epson Subsidiaries and Offices in Latin America

Epson Argentina S.A.

Avenida Belgrano 964/970

(1092), Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel: (54 11) 5167-0300

Fax: (54 11) 5167-0333

Epson Colombia, Ltda.

Calle 100, No. 21-64 piso 7

Bogotá, Colombia

Tel: 01 8000 915235

Fax: (57 1) 523-4180

Epson Perú, S.A.

Av. Canaval y Moreyra 590, San Isidro, Lima 27, Perú

Tel: (51 1) 418-0210

Fax: (51 1) 418-0220

Epson do Brasil Ltda.

Av Tucunaré, 720 - Tamboré

06460-020 Barueri - SP

Tel: (55 11) 3956-6868

Fax: (55 11) 3956-6806

Epson Costa Rica, S.A

102 Avenida Escazú

Torre 1, Piso 4, Suite 401/402

Escazú, San José

Costa Rica

Tel: (506) 2588-7855

Fax: (506) 2588-7888

Epson Venezuela, S.A.

Calle 4 con Calle 11-1

La Urbina Sur

Caracas, Venezuela

Tel: (58 212) 240-1111

Fax: (58 212) 240-1128

Epson Chile, S.A.

La Concepción 322

Providencia, Santiago, Chile

Tel: (56 2) 2484-3400

Fax: (56 2) 2484-3413

Epson México, S.A. de C.V.

Blvd. Manuel Ávila Camacho 389 Edificio 1 Conjunto Legaria

Col. Irrigación, México, D.F.

C.P 11510 México

Tel: (52 55) 1323-2000

Fax: (52 55) 1323-2183