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Software Field Solutions

STONEX SurvCE is a customized version of the worldwide well known Carlson SurvCE, dedicated to the STONEX GNSS receivers and Total Stations.
The current Release is mostly dedicated to the advanced features of STONEX S10 GNSS, such as corrections due to tilted measurements and E-Bubble facility.


Any Survey work has never been so safe and accurate before the introduction of STONEX S10 used with SurvCE: every point is stored only if the receiver is exactly in the vertical position, no positioning error can accidentally be stored!

Ask to your local STONEX Authorized Dealer for STONEX SurvCE and for the complete suite of Carlson CE licenses for Total Station, Robotic and mechanical, Road stake out and non Stonex GPS.

SurvCE is available in more than two dozen languages. These include: English, Spanish, French, Canadian French, Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, simplified Chinese, Korean, Greek, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, Latvian and more.