XFLY 300 Lidar Solution Lease for as low as $1064.80 Per Mo

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XFLY Lidar Solution

Accurate & Reliable

XFLY series integrates high performance Inertial Navigation System with camera and LiDAR for point cloud generation. Different customer’s need can be met by the choice of Hesai LiDAR XFLY120, XFLY300 or other sensors.

The processing platform contains a Wi-Fi interface, an embedded cellular modem for RTCM corrections, data logging software and a gigabit Ethernet network.

Equipped with a high-performance INS, it delivers clean point clouds even at high AGL. As a small, lightweight and low-power system, it allows the user to fly longer, adapting to the needs of any project. The post-processing software provides fully automatic point cloud generation

Items included in the box

  • XFLY300 Single Antenna Lidar Solution
  • XFLY Carrying case
  • HC977 Antenna, SMA cable (1m), mounting assemblies
  • XFLY Cable/connector
  • XFLY Storage USB drive
  • XFLY Power cable
  • XFLYpost - Annual license
  • DJI M300/350 Vibration isolator