3D Lecia P16 Rental Program $2,800 2 Days / $3,800 Week / $10,800 Month

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85.000 LBS
$386.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
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Leica ScanStation P16 - Enter the world of precise laser scanning

Precise laser scanning at the touch of a button

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$2,800 2 Days / $3,800 Week / $10,800 Month
  • Cost includes FedEx shipping both ways 
  • Please note that all scanner rentals require proof of insurance and Da Vinci ISolutions account approval


The Leica ScanStation P16 features an intuitive and user-friendly touch screen interface. The one-touch scan button and wizard style software guarantee an easy workflow and enable a fast data check in the field. Combined with WLAN remote control, the Leica ScanStation P16 can be operated by any handheld device.

Value for money
Its attractive price-performance ratio, worldwide support and quality service from Leica Geosystems result in a low cost of ownership and make the Leica ScanStation P16 the perfect solution for companies entering the laser scanning business.

Reduced downtime
The extremely durable new laser scanner performs even under the toughest environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures ranging from – 20°C to + 50°C and complies with the IP54 rating for dust and water resistance.

Complete scanning solution
Leica Geosystems offers the new Leica ScanStation portfolio as an integrated part of a complete scanning solution including hardware, software, service, training and support. 3D laser scanner data can be processed in the industry’s leading 3D point cloud software suite, which consists of Leica Cyclone stand-alone software, Leica CloudWorx plug-in tools for CAD systems and the free Leica TruView.

 imagery and scan so you can view your data, measure, annotate and collaborate.


Included in Package

  • ScanStation P16 laser scanner
  • GVP645, ScanStation Pxx transport container.
  • GDF321, Tribrach without optical plummet
  • GEB242, Large Li-Ion Battery 14.8V/5.8Ah (requires pro cha)4
  • GKL311 Single Charger Prof 3000. Charger for one Li-Ion bay
  • GST20-9 Tripod for Leica ScanStation
  • GEV228,ScanStation Pxx data cable, 2.5m, standard Ethernet
  • Cyclone REGISTER 360 Option