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A-E-C HDR BLK 360 G2 Rental Package Options:


  • Do you want to Try before you buy Leica BLK360 laser scanner? Or do you need the scanner for just a few projects? Simply rent the BLK360. Before you Rent -- What you need to know

    Welcome to the next generation of the world’s smallest and lightest imaging laser scanner.  

    The democratization of reality capture blazes forward with the new Leica BLK360. Still designed to help new-to-LiDAR users capture point clouds and unlock their potential, it does so seven times faster than the original. Other upgrades include higher quality images, better-looking point clouds, and location tracking that pre-aligns your scans using our patented VIS system. Whether conducting a survey or scouting a movie location, the new BLK360 puts serious scanning power in the palm of your hand.

    • Fast image and point cloud processing

    • Lightweight, portable and easy to carry around

    • Enhanced connectivity and collaboration capabilities with cloud sync

    • Two-in-one 360º image documentation and laser scan data

    • Reality capture data integration with Autodesk’s design solutions


    • Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner

    • Transport Hood

    • Battery x2

    • Battery Charger

    • Certificate of Insurance is required.

    • Da Vinci Isolutions Rental Agreement to follow.

    • Rentals are first come, first serve. 

Optional Add On:

• iPad Pro with preinstalled ReCap Pro




Immersive HDR Imaging


The BLK360’s 4-camera system captures high dynamic range (HDR) spherical images and provides greater dynamic range for immersive photospheres and colorized point clouds.


Four 13-megapixel cameras capture the scene in high quality, and 5-bracket HDR imaging captures the details in challenging lighting conditions and environments.

Ultra-fast Scanning

Building on the award-winning technology of the BLK360 G1, the new BLK360’s data collection is optimized to be faster than ever.

The enclosed LiDAR sensor in the new BLK360 captures point clouds at a rate of 680,000 points per second and completes a scan with spherical images in 20 seconds.


min. 0.5 m - up to 45 m


 Measurement modes 4 user selectable resolution settings (6/12/25/50 mm @ 10 m)