OceEstefold 2400 Fan Fold

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985.000 LBS
$460.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Shipping cost is based on doc to doc within 150 miles from a major metropolitan city. Outside of that range shipping may have an additional surcharge.
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OceEstefold 2400 Fan FoldSave time 

With this system, you can immediately pick up neatly fanfolded color and monochrome drawings and extra long plots from the printer. In a very short time frame you are enabled to find your drawings to continue with your main tasks. As the prints are already fan folded, highly paid staff such as engineers and architects, do not have to waste their time on folding the drawings.


Now you can quickly produce ready-to-use fanfolded maps, such as cartographic and topocadastral maps, using the narrow fold option, which can fanfold documents with a minimum width of 100 mm (4"). Long plots of 6000 mm (236") or more - common for manufacturing and utilities - can be easily handled as well. This system has a special program that produces one compact package for extra long documents.


For extra convenience, you can choose the folding options you want right from your desktop. Simply use the Océ Windows® Printer Driver or the Océ job submission tool Océ Print Exec® Workgroup (PEWG) to make it happen.


Work more productively with neatly folded documents, organized according to your own system. No more hunting for information. Everything is at your fingertips.


Shipping cost covers dock to dock. Extra fees apply outside of the Continental US.