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R20 Total Station

Precise, efficient and easy Total Station

The R20 range is composed of 3 versions, the R20 1000 m model with 2″ angular accuracy, the R20 1000 m model with 1″ angular accuracy and the R20 600 m model with 2″ angular accuracy.

The three models offer optimum performance up to 5000 m with prism and 1000 m or 600 m reflectorless. The entire R20 range is equipped with a high-performance, illuminated reticle telescope that provides the best quality of observation, whatever the environmental conditions.

The programs on board of these models of total stations make them suitable for any work in construction, cadastral, mapping and staking, through a user-friendly interface. Thanks to the presence of Bluetooth connection, it is possible to connect an external controller, giving the possibility to use a customized field software.

Items included in the box

  • R20 Lithium Battery
  • R20 Charger
  • R20 Carrying Case
  • R20 Rain Cover
  • Tribrach
  • Tools kit
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Reflective sheet RP30 x 4
  • Reflective sheet RP60 x 1
  • SW Cube-link
  • Pen Drive set 8Gb with Manual & Video Tutorial