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S980+ GNSS Receiver

The perfect base GNSS receiver

The color touch display and the ability to connect an external antenna make the S980+ an extremely effective receiver, capable of detecting GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO and QZSS constellations, making it suitable for any job.

With a 4G GSM modem, a fast Internet connection is guaranteed, while Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules always enable reliable data flow to the controller. These features, combined with the built-in 2-5W radio, make the S980+ the perfect receiver as a base station. The S980+ also features optional IMU technology with quick initialization and tilt up to 60°.

The S980+ has a 1PPS port that can be used in applications requiring precise timing to ensure joint operation of multiple instruments or using the same parameters for integration of systems based on precise timing.


What are the performances of the S980+ with IMU?

• Fast initialization
• Up to 60° inclination
• 2 cm accuracy 30°
• 5 cm accuracy 60°
• Fast and precise survey
• No problem of electromagnetic disturbances   

S980+ Bundle (UM980+GEO-TRM501 radio+EG25-G+SensorFusion)

Items included in the box

  • S980+ instrument unit
  • Power adapter with 4 plugs
  • Charging Cable USB type C
  • USB A to USB C
  • Height measuring plate for GNSS (HM-100)
  • UHF antenna, 430MHz-450MHz, TNC, 29cm (AR-430)
  • Measuring tape 3m (MT-300)
  • Carrying case for S980 (CC-980)
  • SW Cube-link
  • Pen Drive set 8Gb with Manual & Video Tutorial



Stonex S980+ with IMU system makes reliable every measurement, both survey and the stake out jobs, and makes extremely faster the acquisition of points: up to 40% of the field work time can be saved!