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SC600+ GNSS Receiver

CORS & RTK Rover Receiver

SC600+ is a multifunctional, multi-constellation GNSS, equipped with dual processors and engineered to achieve low power consumption. Its main feature is the presence of 1408 channels, and in addition its reliability and accuracy are perfected by the anti-jamming technology.

SC600+ is ideal for static applications such as CORS, monitoring, and as a base station; it has high connectivity, is equipped with dual-frequency UHF radio, and has GSM LTE service available.

This receiver is also very suitable for kinematic surveying and positioning; in fact, the ability to connect two external GNSS antennas allows for GNSS position and direction of movement and using the available web interface it is also possible to connect to the SC600+ via Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi.

 Items included in the box

  • Power Cable 2pin, +/- voltage
  • Y Cable (DB26-DB9/Ethernet)
  • QT450E, All-direction antenna, Freq.=410-470MHz, SMAJ connector
  • GSM Antenna Male SMA connector (AG-010)
  • Pen Drive set 8Gb with Manual & Video Tutorial
  • Bracket for SC600
  • Carton Box