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Thank you for your interest in FieldGenius – the most productive and easy-to-use data collection software solution ever!

If you are new to FieldGenius, you will be impressed by its graphic user interface, one-screen graphical stakeouts, easily deciphered raw file that you can edit, powerful COGO tools, DXF file support, streamlined connection to your instrument or computer, multi-point resections, roading, training movies, and the easiest, most powerful linework tools in the industry.

FieldGenius supports all common RTK GNSS and generic NMEA receivers, as well as all standard and robotic total stations. With direct support for LandXML, you can stake to DTM surfaces or cross sections from your designed alignment. Real time surface generation allows you to compute volumes instantly.


What sets FieldGenius apart from the competition?

  • Code-free linework: Linework is created automatically without entering codes and is instantly displayed, eliminating the need for a separate sketch. No need to connect the dots back at the office.
  • Advanced display with live graphics and intuitive interface. Logical icons, customizable toolbars, smart objects, and easy-to-use GPS and total station controls. Standard or high-definition devices!
  • Easy stakeout: Choose between graphical compass, grid, and map staking modes to easily stake out points. Viewing direction can be adjusted based on your preferences.
  • Productivity tasks: Customize your data collector by assigning commands to your keypad keys.
  • Calculating tools: Access the built-in RPN calculator from any edit field and easily use surveying calculations.
  • Plus advanced roading, surfacing, slope staking, smart points, DXF & LandXML import/export, and full robotic and GPS support. FieldGenius is the choice of organizations that value productivity.


MicroSurvey has developed the simplest linework connectivity in the industry. Absolutely NO CODING is required to generate your linework in the field in real time. Other data collection systems force you to predefine codes for generating linework. MicroSurvey has made real-time linework as simple as connecting the dots.



  • You can connect points that have different descriptions.
  • Linework can consist of straight segments, arcs, and splines.
  • Linework is ALL in 3D, including arcs and splines.
  • You can have more than one line with the same description;
    FieldGenius is smart enough to know which line to work on.
  • Multiple lines can connect to the same point.
  • Missing segments can be drawn using the pencil tool any time you need to add more info.
  • A bad line can be removed instantly by tapping it and selecting “Delete Segment”.


Fieldgenius features

edition standard and premium editions


  • FieldGenius Core Functionality
  • Modern Windows interface with smart menus, smart objects, and incredible graphics
  • The drawing is primary to the interface
  • Real-time drawing generation with automatic linework
  • Built in COGO – intersections, inversing, and traversing
  • Enter, edit, and stake points
  • One-button project manager
  • DXF import for background project view
  • DXF coordination of lines, arcs, polylines, points, etc.
  • FBK export for easy Autodesk LDD import of raw data, points, and linework
  • Custom ASCII import/export
  • Automatic traversing (1 set, 2 set, nsets)
  • Traverse closure calculations, angular adjustment, and compass balance
  • Traverse re-coordination in the collector
  • Raw data editing
  • One-button file transfer to desktop systems
  • 3D data view with dynamic zoom, pan, and scroll
  • Support for built-in GPS on many controllers
  • Graphical staking in grid, compass, and map views

GNSS/GPS Features

  • Full RTK GNSS support using either network RTK of base/rover pair
  • Profiles for multiple receivers makes setup easy
  • Automatic geodetic transformations from WGS84 to local coordinate systems
  • Dynamic GPS toolbar – HDOP, VDOP, PDOP and satellites
  • Heads-up display shows lat/long or grid coordinates
  • Local transformation
  • Horizontal/vertical adjustment
  • Supports RTCM transformation messages
  • Works with Leica Geosystems, Altus, Novatel, NEMA, STONEX, FOIF, NavCom, Champion, PENTAX, Hemesphere, GeoMax, Geo-Fennel, ComNav and more!

Total Station Features

  • Set instrument EDM measurement modes, min/max distance, prism offsets and target height, curvature and refraction, and more
  • Control distance mode, measurement parameters, and backsight reading on some models


  • Advanced/Roading Features
  • Surface modeling in real-time
  • LandXML alignment, cross section, and zone staking
  • Fixed area calculations and volume calculations
  • Stake to DTM
  • Contouring in real-time
  • 3D alignment, cross section, and template view
  • Shaded, rendered view of surface data

Robotics Features

  • Video point scanning
  • Automatic “Turn to Point”
  • Navigate to stake point
  • Advanced robotic control tools
  • Wireless radio and Bluetooth support
  • Automatic prism tracking
  • Assign robotic functions to keypad keys
  • Real-time tracking icon in map view
  • Support for Leica, GeoMax, SOUTH, KOLIDA, PENTAX, STONEX, FOIF, and many more