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67.000 LBS
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Lifting System with Pneumatic Telescopic Column, Compact & Easy for Transportation

Kangur-Lift is a telescopic column made of anodized aluminum with pneumatic extensions by hand -pump, complete with manual locks that allow to stop the column at the desired height, with a maximum height of 18 feet. The column is mounted on a cart with rubber wheels. Provided with adjustable feet combined with a spherical bubble to ensure the vertical position of the pole and a set of wind bracing ropes.

Kangur-Lift is useful in inaccessible places by vehicles, when it is necessary to make scans at different heights, removing shadows and obstacles, for example:

  • Building interiors
  • Historical buildings, churches, museums, etc.…
  • Alleys and inner courtyards
  • Safe use by a single operator
  • Short setup and uninstall time (approximately 10 min)
  • Easy movement among scanning stations
  • Significant increase of the 3D Laser Scanner measuring range
  • Small size, allows to pass through the doors


Kangur-Lift combined with the Level-Plane 16R permits perfectly leveled scans. The Level-Plane 16R on top of Kangur-Lift system can automatically compensate the column's vertical alignment. Wind Bracing ropes keep firm the pole, avoiding any movement caused by sudden wind or passing cars.

Technical Data

  • Height closed column: 4.5 ft.
  • Maximum height opened column: 19.5 ft.
  • Maximum load: 66 lbs.
  • Extensions: 6
  • Dimensions closed column: 30 x 12 x 61 in.
  • Weight: 81 lbs.
  • Power supply, external battery: 12V 12Ah
  • KL60: Kangur-Lift
  • KCV: Wind bracing kit
  • PFR-M: Quick fastening bolt - 5/8” standard
  • BMA: Soft bag for accessories
  • Kangur-Lift System Features
  • KL60: Kangur-Lift
  • KCV: Wind bracing kit
  • PFR-M: Quick fastening bolt - 5/8” standard
  • CCLB: Connecting cable from LP16R to battery
  • EKB-NB: Electric kit for connecting LP16R to battery( battery not included)
  • BC: Battery charger 12V-12Ah
  • PCP: Support plate for LP16R
  • SUC: Support for LP16R controller

Kangur-Lift Features 

BMA: Soft bag for accessories