Leica DISTO S910 Exterior Kit Laser Distance Meter

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The Leica DISTO™ S910 & TRI200 Propack includes the S910, the TRI 200 light duty construction tripod, a tripod soft bag with shoulder strap and the FTA 360-S fine tune adaptor.

The difference between this package and the standard S910 Propack is the TRI 200 and the carry bag.

TRI 200

The TRI 200 is a surveyor style tripod that is more stable and durable than the standard issue TRI70. This package is for professionals that frequently measure on uneven grade, in rugged environments and in the elements.

The standard Propack includes a hardcase for storage and transport. The TRI 200 pack includes a soft bag with a carry strap for easy mobility in the field.

The FTA 360-S

Even with a tripod and outdoor pointfinder camera, placing your laser point exactly where you want it can be challenging, especially at longer distances. The FTA 360-S is a micro-adjustable tripod adapter. Point and shoot to get close, then tweak the knobs ever so slightly to adjust your spot location by millimeters.

For more information click on the link for the S910 Brochure: