Oce Plotwave 345/365/450/550 Access Management License

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1.000 LBS
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Many customer accounts are requiring an additional level of security on their print engine that would require each user to ‘sign

in’ or ‘log in’ when they go to retrieve their prints, make copies or scan at the print engine. This security feature is especially

gaining momentum in many government accounts. With Access Management users can now authenticate themselves via the

multi-touch user interface (UI) or connect to a card reader.

Access Management for the Océ PlotWave 345/365/450/550 – Advantages:

 Secure access to information by supporting authorized access to the print engine. Once authorized, users can view only

their personal Smart Inbox(es). Their information cannot be accessed by another user.

 Integration with Windows Active Directory, making it easy to view and maintain documents sent to the print engine. There

is no third party server required, adding to the security advantages.

 Helps reduce the burden of administrators by supporting card readers. At many secure locations, there is actually a

dedicated administrator that controls and collects what is printed to ensure documents remain private. With the card

reader, this is no longer necessary.

 Many government accounts mandate this level of security, Océ Access Management software allows you to be more

competitive in a bid situation as well, potentially offering a competitive security advantage.



How does it Work?

Once the license is purchased for the Océ PlotWave 345/365/450/550 print engine, the license is installed the same as many

TDS equipment licenses such as the PDF license for example. The smart card reader is plugged into the USB port of the print

engine and then activated in Océ Express Web Tools by the Administrator. The customer has the option of having each user

sign in on the UI of the print engine or utilizing a card reader that can be scanned or inserted into a slot.

It works much like an ID badge at any workplace, you must either enter in your user ID and password at the printer or simply

scan your badge or insert the badge into a slot reader to retrieve your prints, make copies, scan documents etc.