Leica BLK3D Lease for just $139 per mo

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Leica BLK3D

Leave no detail behind

Leica BLK3D – The in-picture measurement solution

The Leica BLK3D is a measurement solution based on photos. Each photo captured is a complete measurement record which contains height, width, and depth measurements. Measurements can be created at any point, right away on-site using the handheld BLK3D Imager, or at any point in time thereafter using the BLK3D Desktop Software.

Leica BLK3D

Overcome measurement challenges

The Leica BLK3D enables you to easily measure hard to reach areas, you can even measure past objects. Measurements which previously may have required a laser distance meter, a second person and a target plate, can now be create in an image.

Desktop with BLK3D Desktop Software

Documentation with pictures and measurements

Virtual site visits are made possible with the BLK3D. Attached your measurable images to a plan and organise them in project folders. This allows you to recall all the project information and create additional measurements at any point. For that you can create precise plans with the inbuild laser distance meter or use imported PDF plans.

Leica BLK3D

Software options

For more advanced functions and uses, we offer various options for users to increase productivity and efficiency that are available to purchase as annual subscriptions.


How does it work?

The BLK3D Captures 3D measurements from 2D photographs using stereophotogrammetry and edge computing.